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I applaud Mr. Randy Song for his courageous op-ed on News @ 9. Quite often I value his balanced perspective, sincere tone, and the ability to temper personal resolve with the moral imperative of the general audience. However, tonight’s “Swan Song” produced off-key notes that pierced my ear and soul, and has compelled me to respond.

First, it is rather contradictory to affirm the right of all Americans to protest, yet follow with words that revoke said right with self-imposed boundaries and restrictions. I share the sentiment of many of my fellow Americans- that although some may not agree with the form of protest, disagreeing should not negate the right to protest.
I sense the well-intentions of the perspective that perceives the protest timing to be disrespectful. Yet, again, let’s be fair and recognize their rights. To dictate how one should exercise their right is an indirect form of injustice itself, which is the crux of the matter at hand- Injustice, not disrespect.
Mr. Song, when exactly is the right time to protest?
If the timing is wrong because of your claim that this is a time to enjoy a sport, is it not disrespectful to curtail someone’s inalienable right just to satisfy another’s enjoyable pleasure? What is a moment of protest in comparison to two hours of sports entertainment?
If the timing is wrong because it is taking place during the National Anthem? Well, as your claim suggests, “politics has no place in professional sports…” Perhaps the timing is wrong for the song altogether. Which is more important, the symbolic cries of disrespected Americans today or a victory cry from antiquity?
Perhaps those who are protesting have decided that bringing attention to the inhumane and unjust treatment of a selected segment of American citizens is of greater substance than pleasurable entertainment. Further, I would argue that what you call disrespect is righteous indignation for those simply seeking to be included in the protection of the flag that waves in the “land of the free..”
Last, my heart is vexed by your claim that those ” taking a knee” to voice their cry for justice and equal treatment is an “embarrassment”. What is more embarrassing than to witness numerous persons who have received inhumane treatment at the hands of their fellow Americans sworn to protect and serve them; That’s why they are taking a knee, sir! What could be more embarrassing than the leader of the free world disrespectfully referring to protestors in derogatory language that has to be censored from our children? That further validates the taking a knee, sir!
Your song tonight was a somber tune of disappointment veiled in distorted reason. At some point, we who are made in the image of God must find more value in the mistreatment of human beings, than in the idols of patriotism. It is my hope and prayer that the same energy that is demonstrated to vilify these protestors can be redirected to hear their hearts, and seek freedom together.
Rev. Eugene M. Boger
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